An Empowering Leader and of “Firsts”

Celedonio B. Balderas, Jr.

  Leadership development in the division of Cavite City is beginning to occur. Efforts of the division office personnel and the community of teachers with leading persons: the schools and the assistant schools division superintendents come to fruition and bound to be productive in every aspect of the educational system.

All recently the division achieved recognitions in all its undertakings from awards and places of students sent to competitions to teachers and heads presented in feats, and from performance of pupils to its attempt to raise standards and emphasis concerning the wellbeing and learning. The amount of time and energy dedicated is remarkable and endeavors have been rewarded doubling in size in the last 2 years. Such achievements are attributed to a leader who inspired trust and respect of the team and stimulate production within the workplace. The power of his leadership stems from the solidarity and teamwork that make teachers prolific. He is Mr. Celedonio B. Balderas, Jr. the schools division superintendent.

Sir Don as the group fondly calls him, hails from La Purisima, Bula, Camarines Sur. He was the acting ASDS in Quezon Province from December 01, 2014 to May 15, 2017 before assuming the present position.

Sir Don rose from the rank. He dedicated 19 years of his life as a teacher (August 3, 1992 to September 2, 2011) and while performing his task, he was recognized as:

  1. Outstanding Public Secondary Teacher of Cam Sur in 1999,
  2. Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Bicol Region in 2002 and
  3. Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines in 2003.
  4. He was promoted as Education Supervisor at a young age of 42 and served his position for 3 years (September 3, 2011 – November 30, 2014).

His journey does not end there for he continuously endeavors to aim high to reach his goal. While being busy supervising schools and teachers, Sir Don took the CESWE in 2012 and Educational Management Test in 2013 and passed the two assessments with flying colors. Thus, at the age of 45, he was already an ASDS.

On his personal life, Sir Don is already taken. He is married to Charita T. Balderas, a simple teacher from San Jose, Pili, CamSur. They have one lovely daughter named Angel Lucille who is now 15 years old.

Cavite City is fortunate to have Sir Don as its father. A man who does not rest on his laurels, he has big dreams for the smallest division. On his first day up to present, upon accepting his position, he has already made known his plans and directions to his subordinates.

He is a leader of “FIRSTS.” He initiated several programs and projects as first in the record in the division. In a short span of time, the SDO has undergone thorough changes and improvement, all for the benefit of both the teaching and non – teaching personnel and more importantly – the batang caviteño.